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on: Apr 23, 2014
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language: en

Khusboo Ki Tarha Meri Har Saans Mein,
Pyar Apna Basane Ka Waada Karo.
Rang Jitne Tumhari Mohabbat Ke Hai,
Mere Dil Mein Sajane Ka Waada Karo.

Hai Tumhari Wafaon Pe Mujhko Yaqeen,
Phir Bhi Dil Chahta Hai Mere Dil Nasheen,
Yunhi Meri Tasalli Ki Khatir Zara,
Mujhko Apna Banane Ka Waada Karo.

Jab Mohabbat Ka Iqrar Karte Ho Tum,
Dhadkano Mein Naya Rang Bharte Ho Tum,
Bahut Bar Kar Chuke Ho Magar Aaj Phir,
Mujhko Apna Banane Ka Waada Karo..

Sirf Lafzon Se Iqraar Hota Nahin,
Ik Janib Se Hi Pyar Hota Hai,
Main Tumhe Yaad Rakhne Ki Khaun Kasam ,
Tum Mujhko Na Bhulne Ka Waada Karo...
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score: 9.30162

average: 10.0

on: Apr 23, 2014
ratings: 2

tags: tasveer
language: en

दिलमे छुपी तस्वीर तेरी, निकले स्वर सितार,

दीप जले युही दिल्मे, करे आत्मप्रकाश,

मेरा था मुझे रबसे मिला, हुआ न आत्मप्रकाश,

आओ, कही एक और दीप जलाये, उज्वल करे दिलका आंगन.

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on: Apr 23, 2014
ratings: 5

language: en

I was delighted
And excited
At the news
With nice things to review

You are coming back
With sweet words at stake
As I was suspecting
But not reacting

We did not match
For lovely feeling to catch
Now the time has come for decision
With no more point for confusion

We loved so much
And card as such
What was missing in our link?
Time was opportune too to sink the difference

“Can we bury the differences”?
I caught her hand and requested to draw good inference
She was all for the accommodation
I too was cordial relation

We have now whole world to watch
Move around in happy mood to vouch
And present with ideas to move with happiness
It is pleasure to see lovely face
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on: Apr 22, 2014
ratings: 28

tags: P()()j@
language: en

















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score: 9.30162

average: 10.0

on: Apr 22, 2014
ratings: 2

tags: 1
language: en

वो अक्सर "मुझसे" कहते थे, की रिश्ते "फूल" जैसे होते है.
कदम रुक से गए आज मेरे, बाजार में फूल बिकते देखकर.
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score: 9.8229

average: 10.0

on: Apr 22, 2014
ratings: 27

tags: lahari
language: en

Are you ?
a monotony of the calling bell to dissolve like any other sound?
No --- never--
you came
like the blossom of lily and brought in the silent serene scent,
like the ever desired guest to add purity to each corner of my abode

Are you ?
the round mark of the bottom of the cup on marble top to wipe out?
No --- never--
you embossed
the sweet chirping of birds along with the shades of seasons,
nodding in vase, to tickle the dreams of my drawing room.

Are you ?
the bed that soaked with the longing of our curves
ever it be dried not to trace the spirit of glimpses?
No --- never--
you taught
the tranquility of coition of souls
pollination of mind and heart in the flower of body ----

Are you ?
the fare-well marks of feet on the dew to vanish in time?
No --- never--
you are
the navigator, rowing upon the tide towards the east ---

you are
not a simple land-mine to blast in the quietness of grave --
you are
the red signature of every encounter on the tender green forest--
you are
the red-sun on my fore-head of future
the native tribal song on my lips
you are my companion.. my guide..
you are the call of the dawn..

I am the anxiety searching for your news every second.
I am the fear not willing to hear about any martyrdom !!!
And I love you as I love myself, awaiting the serene scent ...
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on: Apr 22, 2014
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language: en

The rivers of my tears
Love where is none
Tossed upon the swells
Risen from the torments
Bottom so dark
Of the roaring ocean
Buried no more
Riding upon the waves
Heart wrecker you are
Ensnared upon a storm
Calling upon
Or have I missed it
And it is gone?
Pinned me in a pit
That can never be undone ?

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score: 9.43918

average: 10.0

on: Apr 22, 2014
ratings: 4

language: en

Nature sings in tune
With melody so fine
It sends air of happiness
I find cheers and echo on face

The sweet memory rushed
I unwillingly try and push
How will it disappear?
I smile from inside and go near

Yes, he is my dream man
I wish her to be only woman
He only stared with inviting signal
I could not reciprocate it with simple dismissal

I love black diamonds
They are no where to be found
Very precious and in particular valley
She is beautiful figure with smiley

I do not what will be her response
But I think positive and suppose
She may daringly enter my kingdom
The beautiful scene might have witnessed seldom

She is queen of my lovely domain
And may comfortable remain
I shall hold her hand with esteem
When she offers it and shows keenness
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score: 9.76424

average: 10.0

on: Apr 22, 2014
ratings: 18

tags: SHARU
language: en

.........A SHOOTING STAR......
A star fell down today from the sky,which was very dear to us,
The sky is crying ,the earth is weeping ,all are wiping tears,
A silence everywhere can be felt,an emptiness without her,
One never expected the god of death will grab her so soon ..........

It looks she was shining only yesterday in this sky and
Today she broke and fell down showing none is immortal
Reminding us everything is to god's will ,we are just puppets,
We traveled together but she got down when her station arrived...........

We laughed ,we fought ,all when she was with us
Now she is on long sleep,never opens her mouth or eyes
Worked hard,performed her duties without fail when alive
Now left behind everything and went ,nothing could hold her back...........

Who is ours ,who is not ?,nobody keeps the dead even for a day
All would talk ,laugh when alive but nobody follows after death
Only that follows is your karma, whatever its good or bad ,one can say
The good deeds will reach you to the heavens and bad again leads to birth .........................................................................BY SHARU..15.4.14
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score: 9.79774

average: 10.0

on: Apr 21, 2014
ratings: 23

tags: P()()j@
language: en

Paikar tha wafa ka, mohabbat ka khuda tha,
Woh shakhss zamaney mein sab se hi juda tha,

Chahat ke khazaney they har lafz mein us ke,
Daaman mera us ne duaaon se bhar tha,

Mujh ko nahin dekha karri dhoop ne chu kar,
Baba mera duniya main mujhe aesa jo mila tha,

Fikrain na zamaney ki kabhi paas bhi ayin,
Hard dard meri hasti se dartaa hi raha tha,

Jab taka raha saanson ka basera mere baba,
Tab tak main ghamon se bachta hi raha tha,

Us shaam ki hiddat mere dil se nahin jati,
Jis shaam tera saaya mere sar se utha tha..

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score: 9.43918

average: 10.0

on: Apr 21, 2014
ratings: 4

tags: mana
language: en

The Twin Flame comes to you to as a "polarity" mirror. The Twin Flame Reunion calls for you to let go of all ego responses so you can immerse deeply into unconditional love of the SELF..

I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where.
I love you simply, without problems or pride:
I love you in this way because I do not know
any other way of loving but this,
in which there is no I or you,
so intimate that your hand upon my chest is my hand,
so intimate that when I fall asleep your eyes close. ॐ
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score: 9.30162

average: 10.0

on: Apr 21, 2014
ratings: 2

tags: mana
language: en

‘‘देह शूद्र है, मन वैश्य, आत्मा क्षत्रिय, और परमात्मा ब्राह्मण।’’
वे सबकुछ ब्योरे में उतरते हैं—‘‘देह शूद्र है, क्यों ? क्योंकि देह की दौड़ सिर्फ इतनी है—खा लो, पी लो, भोग कर लो, सो जाओ, जाग जाओ और मर जाओ। यह शूद्र की सीमा है। जो देह मे जीता है, वह शूद्र। शूद्र का अर्थ हुआ—मैं देह हूं। यह मनोदशा शूद्र है।

‘‘मन वैश्य है। खाने-पीने से ही पाजी नहीं होता। कुछ और मांगता है। मन का अर्थ है—कुछ और चाहिए।

शूद्र में एक तरह की सरलता है। देह में बड़ी सरलता है। वह सब कुछ ज्यादा नहीं मांगती। दो रोटी मिल जाए, सोने को छप्पर मिल जाए, और शरीर की मांग सीधी है—थोड़ी सी, सीमित सी। देह को असंभव में रस नहीं है। इसलिए कहता हूं देह शूद्र है.....।
‘‘जब और-और की वासना उठती हगै, तो वैश्य हुआ। वैश्य का मतलब है—मन। और मन व्यवसायी है, वह फैलता चला जाता है, रुकना नहीं जानता...।

‘‘क्षत्रिय का मतलब है संकल्प, प्रबल संकल्प, कि मैं कौन हूं ? इसे जान लूं ! शूद्र शरीर को ही जानता है, उतने में ही मजा लेता है। वैश्य मन के साथ दौड़ता है। और क्षत्रिय जानना चाहता है—मैं कौन हूँ ? असीलिए चौबीस तीर्थंकर, राम, कृष्ण सब क्षत्रिय थे। क्योंकि ब्राह्मण होने से पहले क्षत्रिय होना जरूरी है। जिसने जन्म के साथ अपने को ब्राह्मण समझ लिया, वह चूक गया। जैसे परशुराम ब्राह्मण नहीं हैं। उनसे बड़ा क्षत्रिय खोजना मुश्किल होगा। जिंदगी भर मारने का काम करते रहे। फरसा लेकर घूमते थे। उन्हें ब्राह्मण करना ठीक नहीं है। सो—संकल्प क्षत्रिय है.....।

‘‘ऐसा समझो कि भोग यानी शुद्र। तृष्णा यानी वैश्य। संकल्प यानी क्षत्रिय। और जब संकल्प पूरा हो जाए, तब समर्पण की संभावना है....।

‘‘समर्पण—यानी ब्राह्मण। ब्राह्मण यानी ब्रह्म को जान लेना। जो मिटा उसने ब्रह्म को जाना....।
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on: Apr 21, 2014
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language: en

​તેરે પ્યારમે

"આત્મ પ્રકાશ"

તસ્વીર બનાતા હુ, તસ્વીર નહી બનતી,

યાદોમે બસી કહી ગઝલ નહી બનતી,

યાર મિલતે હે સહી, પર પ્યારસે નજર નહી મિલતી,

દોસ્ત મિલતે હે સહી, પર દિલવાલે નહી મિલતે,

શમા જલતી હે દિલમે, પર રોશની નહી હોતી દિલમે.

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on: Apr 21, 2014
ratings: 6

language: en

Uski Kaali Aankhon Me Hain Jantar Mantar Sab,
Chaku Shaku Chhuriyan Shuriyan Khanjar Wanjar Sab..

Jis Din Se Tum Roothi Mujh Se Roothe Roothe Hain,
Chadar Wadar Takiya Shakiya Bistar Wistar Sab..

Mujh Se Bichhar Ke Wo Bhi Kahan Ab Yaaro Pehle Jaisi Hai,
Pheeke Par Gaye Kapde Shapde Zewar Shewar Sab..

Aakhir Kis Din Doobunga Main Fikr Ye Karte Rehte Hain,
Darya Warya Kashti Washti Langar Wangar Sab..

Dukh Ke Chaman Ke Maali Hain Ye Dard Ke Sheher Ke Baani Hain,
Mohsin Wohsin Ghalib Shalib SANDEEP MANDEEP sab...
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on: Apr 21, 2014
ratings: 2

tags: KS
language: en

Beautiful is a flower
Beautiful is a leaf
Beautiful is a tree
Beautiful is a fruit.

Beautiful is a lake
Beautiful is a river
Beautiful is the sea
Beautiful is a wave.

Beautiful is a rock
Beautiful is the sand
Beautiful is a mountain
Beautiful is the snow.

Beautiful is a bird
Beautiful is a deer
Beautiful is a squirrel
Beautiful is a butterfly.

Beautiful is the sun
Beautiful is the moon
Beautiful is a cloud
Beautiful is the sky.

Beautiful is a face
Beautiful is a smile
Beautiful is innocence
Beautiful is gentle touch.

Beautiful is nature
Beautiful is it's every element
Become a part of nature
Let nature be your partner.

Whatever is natural
Appreciate every bit
Let nature be nature
Treat nature with care.
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average: 10.0

on: Apr 20, 2014
ratings: 2

tags: mana
language: en


What if our religion was each other?

If our practice was our life?

If prayer was our words?

What if the Temple was the Earth?

If forests were our church?

If holy water—the rivers, lakes and oceans?

What if meditation was our relationships?

If the Teacher was life?

If wisdom was self-knowledge?

If love was the center of our being
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score: 9.37792

average: 10.0

on: Apr 20, 2014
ratings: 3

language: en

April 20

"Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better." - Albert Camus
Humans are not puppets. Sometimes, when I hear people talk about God and prayer, the implication is that we have no choice and that all action is determined by God alone. A moment's reflection should make me hesitate about such a viewpoint. Murder, rape, child abuse, and prejudice do not stem from God, but result from the misuse of God's gift of freedom. As an addict and alcoholic, I know prayers that are not accompanied by actions are mere words. God's love for all people does not obliterate my need to love myself through choice and decision. I experience sobriety and serenity in my life when Divinity is revealed in my choices.

God, help me appreciate my desire to be a winner.
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on: Apr 20, 2014
ratings: 8

tags: Pyare phool
language: en

Kaanto mein rahakar jeena,
dard sabhi hardam peena.

dete nahi kabhi bhi shool,
nit muskaate pyare phool.

phoolon se muskaana sikho,
meetha bolo kabhi na chikho.

sainik ke charano ki dhool,
sir par rakhte pyare phool.

Nehru chacha ka kehana hai,
bachcha phoolon sa gehanaa hai.

dil bahlaate aur lubhaate,
gandh udaate pyaare phool.
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average: 10.0

on: Apr 20, 2014
ratings: 6

language: en

Aadmin kyon aaj ka, itna badlata ja raha,
jo hakikat hai nahi, usse bahalta ja raha.

Jhooth sach mein ab ise, dikhta nahi kuchh bhed hai,
yaa khuda! ye kaun se saanche mein dhalta jaa raha.

Ye shikayat se bhara, din raat karta hai gila,
dekhke sukh chain auron ka, machalta jaa raha.

Fark padta hai nahi, ansu bahe jo auro ke,
sukh hain mere kam, yahi kah kar fislta ja raha.

Sach se koson door hoke, waqt se majboor hoke,
iss jahaan mein raat din, yun hi tahalta ja raha.

Ya khuda ye ilteja hai, tere dam se ye fiza hai,
tu "Jatan" jab saath hai to, kyon dahalta ja raha.
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score: 9.30162

average: 10.0

on: Apr 20, 2014
ratings: 2

language: en

Democracy has no place
In this ignorant forest
Where lives only wild animals
To hunt for target on arrival

How much expenditure?
On electioneering tenure!
Who know what shall be the result
Country shall again represent as weakly built

Poor may resent
But how long may remain absent
These people will offer some grain and wine
He will feel timely ok but not always fine

Drum beats may come to an end
Foes there will turn as friend
The booty shall be shared conveniently
The issues shall die softly

What is problem with women?
They will be happily driven
With some hollow promises
And again same misses atrocities

They have amassed wealth
So no effect on their health
They will eat your share too
This needs no proof

Democracy should die
Natural death and not survive
One king or dictator is tolerable
To maintain heard earned freedom struggle
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